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Your Encore Week Line Up! Matt Kahn, Jarrad Hewett, Angela Montano, Jo Dunning, Emmanuel Daghur, Mary A. Hall, James Van Praagh, Success Attunement, Kenji Kumara, Anat Baniel, Anita Moorjani, Chunyi Lin and Scalarwave Laser

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Celebrity & Inspirational Video Series

Arianna Huffington, Vanessa Summers, Lou Gossett, Jr., Kenny Loggins, Taylor Dayne, Dee Wallace, Jean Houston, Drunvalo, Gregg Baden, Guy Finley and James Van Praagh

AND, THIS IS REALLY EXCITING... As part of your registration, we’re also delivering renowned CELEBRITIES who are enthusiastically sharing their own journeys of transformation and evolution with YOU.

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+ PLUS: Special Headliners...

Arianna Huffington

We've joined forces with Author and Huffington Post Media Group President and Editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington whose inspirational messages are congruent with our mission, which is to invoke and promote a new level of mass awareness for living a fuller, richer life of purpose by redefining success, realistically conquering stress and learning the importance of giving. We invite you to harness and empower the real possibility for cultivating the change that we all collectively seek... To THRIVE as a whole.

James Van Praagh from Our Life After Death Week

We are so thrilled to present James Van Praagh from our inaugural Life After Death Week as part of this Season 14 ENCORE WEEK. To honor the passing of my sister, Abbie, in June of 2013, I went on a deep study of the afterlife… and I am inviting you to experience one of my favorite masters on this subject.

Jo Dunning

Jo Dunning's gentle but powerful energy and beautiful guidance instantly awakened within us a higher level of loving consciousness that moved us into deep compassion for ourselves and each other. This show was the perfect culmination of our 14th season; it truly honored and complemented all that we have learned in the most remarkably profound way.

Imagine moving into a whole new level of awakening and opening to all that is meant for you... To watch as your wonderful and miraculous, new life opens up as it has for countless others.

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Read What Others Are Saying…

Gordon Norman gravatar

Gordon Norman

Jennifer – I want to thank you for your love and pure you-ness during this season. I am new to HWTM and listened to 13 and 13.2 – during a time of deep yet fulfilling change for me it has provided companionship, inspiration, insight and wonder. I am loving the programs I bought, in particular Jarrad Hewett and Christopher Tims. What a privilege to be part of this great opening of consciousness. Thank you.

Keryn Shields gravatar

Keryn Shields

Jennifer I thank God for you. I so relate to your pure honesty. Out of all the presenters you are the best. I love how you show up for us. You are so special and we love you. Angel Blessings Keryn

Kat Jenkins gravatar

Kat Jenkins

It’s so lovely to hear this reiteration of my own understanding of health and well being, especially as I am a practicing therapist and have shifted much of the older way of ‘seeing’ people to help them help themselves. So cool… thanks both of you: Jennifer for enabling these beautiful humans beings to be heard and of course the beautiful souls on your web casts.

Ann Petrus Baker gravatar

Ann Petrus Baker

Jennifer, Thank you for this program! The calls I have been drawn to have been synchronous with the personal and spiritual work I have been doing but has sped up the process. This has reaffirmed my belief that there are no accidents and the divine is there to support us when we are open.

This could be you!! We are confident that you are about to change your whole life.

We are here to give you a free ticket for DIRECT ACCESS to these master teachers, the best of the best, to hand you exactly what you need right now.

Here is What You Will Receive…

transformation 1

Over 12 Speakers all of whom are vibrating at the highest frequencies of love and service, joining us from Wednesday December 17th to December 24th – absolutely free.

Encore Week Speakers

transformation 2

11 Videos from our Celebrity & Inspirational Healing With The Masters series. These videos will open your heart… Included are Arianna Huffington, Vanessa Williams, Lou Gossett Jr., Kenny Loggins, Taylor Dayne, Dee Wallace, Jean Houston, Drunvalo, Greg Bradden, Guy Finley, and James Van Praagh.

Inspirational Videos - Arianna Huffington, Vanessa Williams, Kenny Loggins, Lou Gosset, Jr. Taylor Dayne, Dee Wallace, Jean Houston, Drunvalo, Gregg Baden, Guy Finley and James Van Praagh

Plus! Special Energy Raising Bonuses:

To top it off... there are 4 energy raising bonuses including a 2000 year old invocation, a special sound vibration healing song and more, all available JUST FOR REGISTERING.

  • Bonus1Chakra Clearing. "Do - Re - Me" ~ Instantly open your light centers to receiving all that is possible (in just 3 minutes).
  • Bonus2Lord’s Prayer. A 2000 Year Old invocation - special high vibrating talk & healing process for evolution.
  • Bonus3Mary A. Hall’s Daily Heart Meditation. A daily meditation to open and connect to heart, love and abundance.
  • Bonus4Soul Song. Release and shift into the transmuting energies of this year.
Chakra Clearing on iPhone Lord’s Prayer on iPhone Mary A. Hall’s Daily Heart Meditation on iPhone Soul Song on iPhone


Imagine moving into whole new level of awakening, and opening to all that is meant for you. To watch as the wonderful and miraculous new life that I promise will open up for you as it has with others.

All you have to do is register then listen.


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