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Catch Our Powerful Workshops with Arianna Huffington, Wayne Dyer and don Miguel Ruiz...PLUS 20 More Speakers!

Our speakers have been featured in the following + many more

  • Jo Dunning

    Spiritual Teacher, Speaker & Author

  • don Miguel Ruiz

    Author of The Agreements of Life

  • Wayne Dyer

    Internationally Renowned Author & Speaker

  • Arianna Huffington

    Founder and CEO of Huffington Post and Author of "Thrive"

  • Mark Waldman

    Expert on Spirituality, Communication, Stress-Reduction and the Brain

  • Pam Grout

    Author, Traveler, Adventurer Extaordinaire

  • Dr. Fab Mancini

    Chiropractor, Author, Speaker and Wellness Leader

  • Lissa Rankin, MD

    Physician, Bestselling Author and Founder of Whole Health Medicine Institute

  • Bill Harris

    Renowned Author, Speaker, Musician & Entrepreneur

  • Anamika

    Devoted to pioneering consciousness, exploring and discovering new ways of being

  • Tom Paladino

    Renowned Scalar Energy Researcher

  • Per Bristow

    Vocal & Performance Coach, Creator of The Bristow Voice Method

  • Rikka Zimmerman

    Adventure in Oneness Speaker & Author

  • Mashhur Anam

    Alchemist of Life Transformation, Founder of Life Harmonized

  • Dawn Clark

    Speaker, Author and Transformational Change Agent

  • Jarrad Hewett

    Author and Quantum Healer

  • Carol Look

    Emotional Freedom Technique Tapping Master

  • Kenji Kumara

    Quantum Lightweaving Visionary

  • Mary A. Hall

    Queen of Abundance, Speaker, Healer, Author and Coach

  • Derek Rydall

    Author, Spiritual Practitioner and Teacher

  • Hope Fitzgerald

    Seeker of Truth, Healing and Wisdom, Founder of The Energy Wave

  • Emmanuel Dagher

    Expansion Catalyst, Transformation Specialist, Intuitive & Humanitarian

  • Christopher Times

    Teacher, Founder of The Order of the Blue Star

  • Rick Bergen

    CEO and Co-founder of Zero-Point Global

  • William Linville

    Divine Essence and Clear Creator Consciousness

Powerful Accessible Answers
To Life's Toughest Questions...

We have created for you a set of transformational FREE workshops that will allow you to interact with THE world leading transformational teachers, healers and masters to guide you into not only managing the seemingly increasing life challenges, but move into a state of grace and ease no matter what shows up.


We have found the NEXT GENERATION of thought leaders, who are delivering a new vision for what is possible on this planet.
 We have never before gathered such a specific and potent group of master teachers, healers and coaches, all here for this community.

In fact we believe you have called them forth.

Your intentions desires and dreams have created the call for these change agents to be here for you. Here to create love, freedom and possibility…welcoming in a whole new life.

Here is the power of this community you are joining...

The deep changes you are about to experience not only impact your life, but also create profound shifts in your friends and family, your colleagues and the planet itself.

We have heard it from the hundreds of thousands of the Healing With The Masters community whose lives have TRANSFORMED, and now it’s your turn.

Celebrity Healing With The Masters

Arianna Huffington, Kelly Cutrone, Vanessa Summers, Lou Gossett, Jr., Kenny Loggins, Taylor Dayne, Dee Wallace

AND... THIS IS REALLY EXCITING... As part of your registration we’re also delivering renowned CELEBRITIES, who are enthusiastically sharing their own journeys of transformation and evolution with YOU.

These legendary individuals have come together with this Season’s masters to offer life-changing insights gained from their own personal experience.

+ PLUS: 30 -90 Minute Headliner Workshops...

Arianna Huffington - We've joined forces with Author and Huffington Post Media Group President and Editor-in-chief Arianna Huffington whose inspirational messages are congruent with our mission, which is to invoke and promote a new level of mass awareness for living a fuller, richer life of purpose by redefining success, realistically conquering stress and learning the importance of giving. We invite you to harness and empower the real possibility for cultivating the change that we all collectively seek... To THRIVE as a whole.

Wayne Dyer - Accelerate your consciousness and live from a higher state of being as Dr. Wayne W. Dyer lovingly reminds you of your extraordinary nature and shares transformational insights for living a self-actualized life of total contentment, unwavering peace, bliss, joy and love. Get to understand your purpose, how your choices determine your course to fulfilling your destiny and why there are NO wrong roads to anywhere.

don Miguel Ruiz - International bestselling author and Toltec wisdom expert don Miguel Ruiz opens your heart and guides you to fine-tune your overall perception of the whole while rediscovering YOU. Receive huge boosts of inspiration and enlightenment, learn how to break the cycle of beliefs that manifest suffering and discover the freedom that lies beyond the YOU that you think you are.

Jo Dunning - Jo Dunning shares her profoundly inspiring gifts through powerful teachings and processes that bring you into the present moment, support your desires and deliver you into a radiant, palpable space that allows you to see, feel and know that you are forever, impeccably, impermanently, indelibly lovable in every aspect of your being exactly as you are right now.

Imagine moving into whole new level of awakening, and opening to all that is meant for you. To watch as the wonderful and miraculous new life that I promise will open up for you as it has with others.

All you have to do is register,
then listen.

Your Free Ticket To A New, Healthy, Vibrant, Abundant Life...

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It’s NO ACCIDENT You are Here
Reading These Words…

This online workshop and community calls to people, it opens their hearts and moves them to act – it is no accident that you are on this page.

Do you know what over 600,000 individuals in 230 countries know?

They’ve discovered through this, the largest, most celebrated (AND FREE) transformational workshop on the planet, that…

They are now the power in their lives. AND SO ARE YOU.

They they now have it within them to transform all of it. AND YOU DO TOO.

In fact, this powerful Healing With the Master community has together, over the last 11 seasons…

We know you will have a remarkable experience of discovery, because we have seen it over and over. Thousands upon thousands send us emails each season sharing the miraculous shifts they experience through these masters’ content. With this season’s POWERFUL SPEAKERS these are tried and true transformational answers.

JOIN THIS POWERFUL COMMUNITY and find out how to shift you AND the planet (AND just how profoundly simple it is)

Read What Others Are Saying…

“I feel myself growing, becoming more confident, and trusting in my own abilities.” ~ Mary G.

“I instantly released the fear… I would not have looked at it like this without your seminars.” ~ Eunice

“I am feeling a profound shift. My body awareness has increased, my joy quantum-leaped, my peace expanded tremendously.” ~ Esther F.

“To hear and know there are so many people listening and sharing in these positive manifestations and life changing experiences is wonderful.” ~ Rebecca A.

“Your ‘masters’ are helping me to recapture myself, especially in these times of uncertainty.” ~ Dorothy D.

“I am feeling joy now for the first time in years. THANK YOU.” ~ Jennifer W.

“Oh boy, thank you. I GET IT! I see, I see. I have tears flooding down my cheeks.” ~ Nina D.

“My soul is continually singing. Thank you for affirming our mastery.” ~ Elizabeth J-B

This could be you!! We are confident that you are about to change your whole life.

We are here to give you a free ticket for DIRECT ACCESS to these master teachers, the best of the best, to hand you exactly what you need right now.

Here is What You Will Receive…

Over 24 speakers that are vibrating at the highest frequencies of love and service each Tuesday and Thursday absolutely free. These are live, INTERACTIVE, workshops, where YOU can ask your personal questions and maybe receive a personal healing, a session, activation or transformational advice.

Live One-On-One Sessions and Q&As

5 Inspirational Videos from our Celebrity Healing With The Masters series. These videos will open your heart… Included are Vanessa Williams, Kenny Loggins, Lou Gossett, Jr., Taylor Dayne and Dee Wallace.

Celebrity lineup - Vanessa Williams, Kenny Loggins, Lou Gosset, Jr. Taylor Dayne, Dee Wallace

PLUS a Workshop Video Arianna Huffington.

Arianna Huffington

Free Monthly Interactive Calls With Jennifer – you can talk about any of the speakers, how they moved you, how to use their materials in the best way. Have Jennifer assist in areas where you are stuck. ALL LIVE and direct with your host and healer Jennifer McLean.

Interact with Jennifer on your phone

Plus! Special Energy Raising Bonuses:

To top it off... there are 4 energy raising bonuses including a 2000 year old invocation, a special sound vibration healing song and more, all available JUST FOR REGISTERING.

  • Bonus1Chakra Clearing. "Do - Re - Me" ~ Instantly open your light centers to receiving all that is possible (in just 3 minutes).
  • Bonus2Lord’s Prayer. A 2000 Year Old invocation - special high vibrating talk & healing process for evolution.
  • Bonus3Mary A. Hall’s Daily Heart Meditation. A daily meditation to open and connect to heart, love and abundance.
  • Bonus4Soul Song. Release and shift into the transmuting energies of this year.
Chakra Clearing on iPhone Lord’s Prayer on iPhone Mary A. Hall’s Daily Heart Meditation on iPhone Soul Song on iPhone


Imagine moving into whole new level of awakening, and opening to all that is meant for you. To watch as the wonderful and miraculous new life that I promise will open up for you as it has with others.

All you have to do is register then listen.


Your FREE Ticket to a New You!

* We Love & Honor Your Privacy