Healing With The Masters
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Kaitlyn Keyt
Episode Date: Sunday, November 27, 2016

12PM Pacific, 1PM Mountain, 2PM Central, 3PM Eastern

Kaitlyn Keyt

Founder of VibesUP & 5-Time Visionary Award Winner

Kaitlyn Keyt - SPECIAL OFFER:

From more energy and increased mental clarity to a balanced immune system and, in some cases, even cancer prevention, these tools exist to raise your vibration and offer incredible healing potential. Join Kaitlyn in bringing your physical and infinite beings into alignment by infusing all aspects of your life with powerful Earth energies at an exclusive, limited-time Special Offer discount.

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About Kaitlyn Keyt

Kaitlyn Keyt is a 5-time Visionary Awarded Inventor, Speaker and the creator of VibesUP, a resource for Vibrational Energy Education and Tools. She is referred to as an Intuitive Scientist, who will take us on a playful journey into the atom revealing the simple KEY to unlocking the mysteries of our universe and solving everyday challenges.

Kaitlyn feels common sense and our inner voice are the way back to tapping into our inner genius. She communicates with Nature for answers to the big questions in Life and believes wisdom can be fun and simple. Journey with Kaitlyn as she explains how science and magic have now come full circle to explain each other in ways that we can apply to our everyday lives.