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  • Jo Dunning – Healing Life Force Energy
  • Episode Date: Thursday, September 17, 2015

    Jo Dunning – Healing Life Force Energy

    Create the emotional, physical and spiritual freedom you desire

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About Jo Dunning – Healing Life Force Energy

In today’s world it is often difficult to known what is true and authentic and where to turn to find the solutions you seek. The “real deal” is hard to find. And yet, that is often what Jo Dunning is called. She is revered in the world and fondly called The Miracle Maker.

She has been offering these miracles for over 25 years using energy directly from Source. Each year her abilities seem to become more powerful. Jo was among the very first to create Initiations, Activations and Energy Processes to Awaken Consciousness. Her abilities are so unusual and rare they are referred to as the gold standard which others strive to achieve.

Jo first discovered her ability while recovering from a traumatic incident many years ago. As a result she awakened to discover a powerful energy flowing through her hands, so intense it could leave a hand print on the skin. She soon discovered she was able to see inside the body and could use this energy to repair broken bones. Gregg Braden was so amazed by her abilities he wrote about her in his book, The Isaiah Effect, after witnessing her heal the broken skull of an elderly man. This amazing energy has helped rebuild health, restore happiness, build self confidence and offer abundance. She now shares this energy with groups as large as 50,000 people and has helped transform their lives and consciousness.

Jo is a world renowned Spiritual Teacher, author, presenter and popular talk show guest. She offers many exciting and often free events to assist everyone to have a more fulfilled and happy life.