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  • Dougall Fraser – Higher-Self Healing
  • Episode Date: Thursday, October 01, 2015

    Dougall Fraser – Higher-Self Healing

    Discover the truth of your light and its power to manifest overall greatness

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About Dougall Fraser – Higher-Self Healing

Dougall Fraser is a psychic, author, and cosmic coach in los angeles. Over the last 18 years, he has honed a unique set of light and color energy tools for healing. Dougall is recognized as one of the country’s best psychics. His international clientele ranges from CEOs and celebrities, to people just like you who may need extra insight. With his own spiritual belief system, Dougall feels that we all have a blueprint for our lives. His main purpose is to help people assess and attain the life that they dream of.

The self titled “Queer Guy with a Third Eye” Dougall maintains a refreshing and humorous approach to his new age practice. Dougall utilizes clairvoyance, intuition, empathy, color therapy, interior design, and practical advice to help people achieve their goals and dreams.

Dougall has been featured on many national TV shows, including Dr. Phil, The Real Housewives of O.C., and Dancing with the Stars! He has also been recognized as one of the country’s top clairvoyants/psychics by Spin magazine and The New York Post. Dougall is the author of the bestselling book, But You Knew That Already: What a Psychic Can Teach You About Life. His next book will be available through Hay House in April 2017.