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We have been hearing from so many of you how much you are LOVING Healing With The Masters. We heard that you are looking for ways to share us with your friends.

So, we’ve created this really cool application that will not only allow you to easily share us with your friends (we help you explain what the series is and how it works), PLUS we’ll ALSO reward you for sharing.

When you share Healing With The Masters with your friends, you will be rewarded with special prizes and gifts! HOW COOL IS THAT?

All you have to do is use the form below to invite just ONE friend and encourage them to REGISTER for Healing With The Masters.


You will receive a submission for a weekly draw for each friend you invite.

AND you can WIN the special offer from
our previous week’s speaker!

You can invite all your friends in one week and each friend will count as an additional chance for you to win one of the previous week’s special offers from our speakers.

Or you can spread the invitations out and input an entry for each new friend you invite each week.

We will keep track of it all, so you don’t have to worry… but you might want to encourage your friends to register so you’ll receive your submission into the draw.

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One friend = lots of free products

We have a very strong mission at McLean MasterWorks – to be a conduit and amplifier for shifts in perception in global consciousness, creating peace on this planet.


Simply by listening, you are contributing to us achieving that mission.

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The more who listen to these shows on Healing With The Masters, the more hearts we open, the more peace we will achieve.

YOU + 1 FRIEND X Healing With The Masters 17 = WORLD PEACE

(AND, since these are your friends and family, the more peace you will directly experience — not to mention a framework and language to have a new discourse and deeper conversations.)

SO, keep inviting your friends so that you can win these cool programs — you will love it, THEY will love it, I will love it — WE ALL WIN :)

Thank you for inviting your friends