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Our speakers have been featured in the following + many more

  • Ram Dass

    Contemporary Spiritual Teacher & Author

  • Wayne Dyer

    Internationally Renowned Author & Speaker

  • Panache Desai

    Inspirational Visionary & Spiritual Master

  • Neale Donald Walsch

    Internationally Recognized Spiritual Messenger & Author

  • James Van Praagh

    Celebrated Medium & Co-Producer of Ghost Whisperer

  • Rikka Zimmerman

    Adventure in Oneness Speaker & Author

  • John Assaraf

    Entrepreneur, Researcher & Explorer of Human Consciousness

  • Colette Baron-Reid

    Intuitive Counselor, Educator & Hay House Author

  • Sonia Choquette

    Hay House Author, Spiritual Teacher & Intuitive Advisor

  • Mashhur Anam

    Alchemist of Life Transformation

  • Lee Holden

    Instructor in Meditation, Tai Chi & Qi Gong

  • Bob Doyle

    CEO of Boundless Living & Best Selling Author

  • Mary A Hall

    Recognized Healer, Abundance Coach, Author & Speaker

  • Jonathan Goldman

    Sound Healing Pioneer

  • Clayton Nolte

    Researcher & Inventor of Water Structuring Technologies

  • Elizabeth Jones

    Astrologer Extraordinaire

  • Eva Gregory

    Master Law of Attraction & Business Coach

  • Glenn Harrold

    Author, Musician & Clinical Hypnotherapist

  • Glynis McCants

    Pythagorean Numerologist & Author

  • Howard Martin

    The HeartMath Method Author, Business Executive & Speaker

  • Jacqueline Joy

    Diamond Alignment's Spiritual Leader & Advisor

  • Jennifer McLean

    Internationally Acclaimed Entrepreneur, Author & Spiritual Catalyst

  • Kenji Kumara

    Creator of Quantum Lightweaving

  • Margaret Lynch

    Transformational Speaker, Author & Coach

  • Patricia Cota Robles

    Teacher, Author and Beings Of Light Sharer

  • Dr. Steve Hinkey

    Chiropractor, Educator & Pioneer of Healing Energy Techniques

This Is Your FREE Ticket To Move Into The
Highest Vibrational Possibilities Of YOU...

Have You Noticed The World Has Changed?

It may seem that this crazy world we live in is going off the deep end...

...but, what if, just maybe, large and obvious world and personal events actually create an opening, a set of catalystic moments for greater exponential transformation?

What if... these sets of symptoms or circumstances in your life, and in the lives of so many on this planet, allow for a profound awareness to arise and WAKES US UP. Opening us to make a new set of decisions, moving our angle of perception into seeking new truths for ourselves.

Powerful Accessible Energy At Your Fingertips

This Series Has The Answers You Are Seeking...

We have created for you a set of powerful free workshops that will allow you to interact with THE world leading transformational teachers, healers and masters to guide you into not only managing these wild times, but USING THEM to TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE.

Imagine experiencing yourself ANEW...

Opening to a life of ease and grace, where you are heard and seen,
where health, love, alignment, abundance and flow
becomes more and more naturally your way of being...

This is what awaits you through this powerful community that has reached more than 500,000 in 230 countries over 11 seasons.

Here you WILL discover...

Answers that unlock questions that you didn’t know you had


Real life tools and true techniques to expand, transmute and transform your life


An opening, increase, and expansion in consciousness with new profound awarenesses


Why life sometimes seem so hard and how to find the TRUE YOU now


A new level of awakening, a place of peace in the midst of deep upset or grief


Discovering the “abundance frequency” that creates miracles of money (in fact we have witnessed thousands discover this miracle of being)


Experiencing you ANEW as the huge bright light of love that you actually are AND even seeing that light in others


Experiencing compassionate forgiveness toward yourself and others, even for the unforgivable -- and finding true freedom in the process


Interact with like-minded community members and help to change the planet


Clearing, rebalancing, and healing on so many levels... just by listening!

We know you will have a remarkable experience of discovery, because we have seen it over and over. Thousands upon thousands send us emails each season sharing the miraculous shifts they experience through these masters' content.

how to shift you AND the planet
(AND just how profoundly simple it is)

Your Free Ticket To A Miraculous, Healthy, Vibrant, Abundant Life...

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It Is NO ACCIDENT That You Are Here
Reading These Words...

For hundreds of thousands this series has been a true miracle.

This online workshop and community calls to people, it opens their hearts and moves them to act… it is no accident that you are on this page.

Read What Participants are Saying

alt="“I feel myself growing, becoming more confident, and trusting in my own abilities.” ~ Mary G., “I instantly released the fear... I would not have looked at it like this without your seminars.” ~ Eunice, "I am feeling a profound shift. My body awareness has increased, my joy quantum-leaped, my peace expanded tremendously.” ~ Esther F., “To hear and know there are so many people listening and sharing in these positive manifestations and life changing experiences is wonderful.” ~ Rebecca A., “Your ‘masters’ are helping me to recapture myself, especially in these times of uncertainty.” ~ Dorothy D., “I am feeling joy now for the first time in years. THANK YOU.” ~ Jennifer W., “Oh boy, thank you. I GET IT! I see, I see. I have tears flooding down my cheeks.” ~ Nina D., “My soul is continually singing. Thank you for affirming our mastery.” ~ Elizabeth J-B"

This could be you!!

Jennifer McLean’s Healing With The Masters is in its 11th season of transformation. This celebrated, powerful and free workshop series delivers the answers to the hard questions so many are seeking.

Healing With The Masters is the largest and most renowned program of its kind and has reached over 500,000 in 230 countries empowering participants to discover and live into their purpose, heal chronic health issues, and discover new ways of relating, and this is your all access FREE TICKET.

You are about to change your whole life.

We are here to give you DIRECT ACCESS to these master teachers, the best of the best, to hand you exactly what you need right now.


27 Speakers

27 speakers that are vibrating at the highest frequencies of love and service each Tuesday and Thursday absolutely free.


8 Videos

8 Inspirational Videos delivering instant video content that will open your heart… several of which are available right after you register.

You + Speaker

AND EACH SHOW you can win a session with a speaker AND have the chance to win a Mac book pro laptop.

4 Bonuses

To Top it off… there are 4 energy raising bonuses including a 2000 year old invocation, a special sound vibration healing song and more, all available JUST FOR REGISTERING.

WILL YOU TAKE THE CHANCE, say YES, and accept this gift?

Imagine moving into whole new level of awakening, and opening to all that is meant for you…

To watch as the wonderful and miraculous new life that I promise will open up for you; and all you have to do is register… then listen.


You Can WIN Just By Listening:

Your Free Ticket - Expand Into Awakening & Miracles

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Plus - Special Energy Raising Bonuses:


By participating in Healing With The Masters you have a chance to receive powerful personal one-on-one private sessions with your favorite masters. Get this, some of these teachers no longer do private work but are making an exception for YOU. This is your chance to win a session, and maybe change your life in an instant.

PLUS, during our grand prize schedule, you will have a chance to WIN A MAC LAPTOP. We have given away 5 computers to 5 lucky winners. Maybe this season is YOUR TURN?

Your Free Ticket - Expand Into Awakening & Miracles

* We Love & Honor Your Privacy