Replenish Your Soul, Purify Your Body ~ Clayton Nolte’s Replay

Yesterday’s bonus show with ingenious researcher, inventor and engineer, Clayton Nolte, introduced us to brand new, fascinating exercises and practices for bringing our body into the potential for restored perfection.

We learned a TON about the extraordinary resource and remedy that is structured water and its miraculous ability to enliven and enrich our food, neutralize toxins and the effects of EMF, purify our energy fields and rejuvenate us at the cellular level.

Clayton’s extensive studies and astonishing knowledge so vividly illustrated our natural power to instantly balance our physiological state and bring harmony to our environment.

Listen to this mesmerizing replay (enter the password healing), discover your powers to purify and destroy, and tap into the life-enhancing miracles of structured water AND breathing.

[BONUS: Click HERE to check out Clayton’s structured breathing techniques for improving your mental, emotional, psychological and physical states.]

If you’re ready to drink, breathe and shower in the energies of love, purity, balance and harmony, Clayton’s worked with us to conveniently bring you these healing qualities through structured water.

Click HERE to find out how you can purify your home AND your body, be a catalyst of coherence for your whole neighborhood, the wildlife, surrounding trees and plants, and experience more energy, better health, graceful aging and SO MUCH MORE.

With Whole-House Units, Under The Sink Units (for those who live in an apartment or condo) and Portable Structuring Units, we are SO excited to offer multiple options to accommodate your preference.

And, we’re making it easy for you… Because there are different types of pipes, there are different units to fit your home’s piping system.

Once you purchase, you’ll be directed to a link that explains which unit is right for your home and how to ensure proper installation. It’s simple!

Get Structured Water with ZERO to pay for 6 months

To support your commitment to your healing, we’ve partnered with PayPal to bring you the convenient option of gaining access to this phenomenal technology at NO COST to you today.

With PayPal’s Bill Me Later Credit option, you get complete and immediate access to the product(s) you wish to purchase AND you’ll have NO payments and NO interest for 6 months! Start structuring your body and home today!

(Also be sure to check out the frequently asked questions, which Clayton has addressed HERE.)

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