Be Still and Listen with James Van Praagh

What a wonderful call with James Van Praagh on Healing With The Masters.

James is such an amazing medium who works so gracefully to open all of our eyes to the power and energy that exists all around us. As we stand together on this platform of community, know that you are contributing to the greatness of this experience. By reading this, setting your intentions, and moving forward to listen to the REPLAY (Just click HERE) you become the creative spark that moves this world into further greatness.

James has been sharing his gift with humanity for years and has watched as mediumship progressed from something that was really shrouded in disbelief and seen as socially unacceptable to the status it how holds – a window and doorway to expansion and human evolution. As a result, James is now able to help countless people overcome fear and limitation by embracing empowerment and love.

We are constantly receiving and broadcasting information through our knowingness. The key is discerning what is real and what is not.

The ego can play games, but identifying your reality allows you to overcome limitation.

Stop, be still and listen to your past, present and future. James is here to gracefully guide you into realizing the wonderful expression of all that you are. Get a taste by listening to his replay and joining in the process on that call, then read on about his special offer and make his practice a part of your routine.

Right here and now, you have access to content that moves you into new states of being, opens your heart, mind and soul to the real potential of all that you are, takes you away to celestial gardens and enables you to shape your perception in real-time. And that’s just the beginning! Half of James Van Praagh’s offer has never been made available to anyone, in any form. It is original content and is available EXCLUSIVELY through Healing With The Masters through this very special offer. Click below to tap in to this awesome and exclusive content!

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