Healing With The Masters Spontaneous Transformation Movie

You are now on a new journey.

Feel this right now… you have changed the trajectory of your life by the simple action of watching this compelling and beautiful movie.

All you have to do is click on the play arrow, sit back, and be moved, healed and shown a powerful and magnificent being (AKA you).

Through the process of watching and receiving, I suggest you pay close attention to your personal shifts and healing… witness the new you emerge.

Ram Dass on Love

“In the spiritual heart, loving awareness resonates upward and outward and you see everything with loving eyes. In the heart, there’s no judgment; you look at everything with love. The heart is the soul and as you go to the oversoul – to the One – you don’t look at love, you are love, you radiate love and because you radiate love, you live in a loving environment.”

Ram Dass naturally emanates the purest, most sacred love energy and, through this exclusive video interview, the deepest parts of your being will infuse with its potent, enlivening frequency.

You’ll get an in-depth understanding of the power of your energy and thoughts and you’ll discover how and why it’s important to identify with the soul.

Ram illustrates how you can ignite your field of unconditional, spiritual, heart-centered love, and cultivate and live from this nourishing place of loving awareness.

Prepare to let go of the past and future, learn to love everything as it is right now and align with the peace, grace, love, compassion, and joy within – even when there is a life adventure.

Wayne Dyer In Memoriam


Audio One

“Pay attention, be astonished, share it with others.”

This enlightening Q&A show exemplifies Dr. Wayne’s timeless wisdom and influence and sparks new levels of self-love, strength and understanding.

Each interaction so perfectly demonstrates our ability to transform and re-write our reality with an open heart.

Dr. Wayne models for us, through the stories of his own life, how to live from the place of unconditional love, which allows all the changes you are looking for and all the things you want.

Prepare to go to the farthest depths of divine love, learn how to claim the love that you are and move into a powerfully new vibrational resonance with it.

Audio Two

This very special, sacred conversation delivers the most profound details for raising our consciousness and moving into our natural state of Divine oneness.

Wayne lovingly reminds us of our extraordinary nature and shares transformational insights for living a self-actualized life — total contentment with unwavering peace, bliss, joy and love.

Through his personal stories of challenge and triumph, you’ll uncover your own purpose, understand how your choices pave your course to fulfilling your destiny and learn why there are NO wrong roads to anywhere.

Listen NOW for the PERFECT dose of life-changing inspiration, enlightenment and motivation.