Knowing The Power of Your Spirit with Sonia Choquette

I’ve had the absolute pleasure of playing with tonight’s guest for 3 seasons of Healing with the Masters now, and every time, Sonia Choquette brings more fun and insights to the table.

I started tonight’s call by asking her what her new book, that will be released next year, The Power of Your Spirit, was about, and she said that it’s pretty much the direction that her life and business has been going. She said that the ego is fearful; that it always experiences conflicts, anxiety, worry, and lack of confidence. But when we tune in to our spirit, it leads us and liberates us from ego-based “struggles”. Her course will help make this transformation easy and effortless. We should look at our ego as the faithful servant to our spirit, and we should train it much like we would our pet. Our ego won’t ever bring lasting peace and power, whereas our spirit will always bring peace, power, love, and openness.

When we move from spirit, we get to interact with others at a higher frequency, and this interaction will bring us more conscious choices.

Sonia said that there are 4 easy steps to help move us from ego to spirit…

  • Awakening: When we recognize that there’s more out there for us… a universe of glorious vitality and possibilities. This awakening is spontaneous, and it happens when we’re ready to grow.
  • Discovery: Once we’re awakened, we want to learn as much as we can about our spirit self. We receive more confirmation and support that we’re not alone.
  • Surrender: Through our discovery, we begin to trust our intuitive/higher self more.
  • Flow: When we surrender, we get into the flow, the vibration of what feels right.

It’s important for us to remember that there will continue to be moments of hesitation, and moving through these steps is an endless spiral of growth because we’ll be evolving at higher levels every time. These steps will help us become masterful at leading our lives from spirit.

Get in the driver seat of your life, and ask, “How is YOUR spirit today?

According to Sonia, crap shows up because we’re ready to move to the next level of mastery. We shouldn’t look at it as a “missed” creation. What we get to see is that what’s shown up is no longer in agreement with us, and we get to create something new.

During conflict, it’s key to look at the situation from an impersonal view… when we’re not “in it”, we easily see the frequency mismatch. There’s also no wrong, or anyone to blame.

I asked Sonia to give us a simple example to help us know when we’re in spirit, and she said when we’re in spirit… we feel good, and our hearts are open. We feel supported and at ease with life. Being in spirit is a constant and intentional practice, and we’re only a breath away from being there at any moment.

When we feel contraction in our bodies that’s our ego because spirit is about expansion. The good news is that we get to see this contraction as a beautiful opportunity for us to announce the fear we feel the most, so the power of it can be diminished/liberated.

Anyone’s liberation and return to their authentic self is everyone’s healing!”

I really enjoyed the rest of this call with Sonia, and I know you will too!

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