Jo Dunning on Abundance, Healing, and Growth

Jo Dunning approached this call with such a refreshed and rebalanced mindset. As she turns on the energy, she enabled an amazing direct connection to Source. After preparing everyone, she explained that while life can seem challenging, we need to focus on utilizing the energy that’s available to all of us here, now. So many of us are pouring effort into and getting frustrated by the desire to create what already exists within us. Life doesn’t need to be an arduous journey – we don’t have to fight our way through these events. We need to realize how valuable each experience is and learn everything we can along the way.

As you shift your perception and learn to interpret the purpose behind each event in your life, you’ll gain a renewed kind of knowing that explains how everything you’ve gone through, everything you’ve endured, and everything you’ve been fortunate enough to experience, has offered a benefit. Jo explains that being able to see the next step, understand the value in what’s taken place, and know how we’ve grown along our path is actually a form of god-consciousness. Whether you’re reflecting past events or are interpreting a situation in the moment, you will always benefit when you determine what you’ve gained from the experience. If you feel yourself getting caught in the moment, becoming overwhelmed, or being flat-out trampled by life, pause for a few minutes and let your mind wander; focus on something else. Jo assures us that this kind of acknowledgement and control can be tough at times, but becoming conscious of what we’re doing while we’re doing it is a huge first step. You may even catch yourself and turn a potentially harmful moment into a positive one full of growth, forgiveness, and love!

Trying to define what we are, why we’re here, and understand our purpose is no simple task, yet Jo states quite simply that each question and each definition will change as we grow and progress through this life – our purpose can shift as we move through different stages in our development. The radical thing to consider is that it’s okay not to know; just be open to fully experiencing whatever resonates within your being.

Jo shares so much energy and is constantly helping all of us to lead more fulfilled lives. She’s making this so simple and easy for us to become active participants in a couple miraculous ways. First, she’s started the Wish Project. Just go to, listen to the Wish Project recording and send your wish out into the world. Jo will then feel into your wish and actively offer energy to help you bring whatever you desire into fruition. Secondly, Jo has put a really generous special offer together that will allow you to grow, grow, and grow some more! As I’m sure you’ve realized by now, she’s all about helping you to make the most of this life experience and this offer is no exception!

Feel into the power of what she has in store for you and begin to realize the true potential of your every day!

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