The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation In Loving Memory of Jennifer's sister Abbie Jane Buktaw April 1 1960 - June 4, 2013

So many of you have shared that you love the powerful content, rich experiences, and remarkable shifts delivered to you through McLean MasterWorks’ many programs, and that you actually want to donate and contribute to our mission in offering guidance and assistance where it’s needed most.

We also heard from many of you who experience McLean MasterWorks’ enriching programs and are not inclined to purchase any products, but feel like you want to give back.

And hundreds of you have shared that you want to assist others in our community – and in the world at large – to either access this material or gain access, through philanthropy, to a better life… and don’t exactly know how to go about it.

The legacy of Jennifer’s sister, Abbie Buktaw, is one that exemplifies tremendous commitment in promoting the unique value and greatest potential of the lives of others. In the spirit of paying forward Abbie’s powerful gift of giving, we’ve launched the Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation.

Your donations will carry on Abbie’s radiant torch by enabling us to extend scholarships to those seeking higher education and to adults seeking to move further into their gifts through McLean MasterWorks’ educational efforts.

A place for you to give - The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation

We thought about this at great length and realized that, in the spirit of trusted partnership and through a clear value exchange, we want to provide a place for you to give to others while helping honor Abbie’s legacy.

This is not giving to us, but through us. The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation will pass your donations on to those in need.

  • We will use your donations to purchase products for those who cannot afford them.
  • We will use these funds to scholarship members into our MasterWorks Healing Membership Site.
  • We will use these funds to donate to philanthropic organizations like Cynthia Kersey’s Unstoppable Foundation, Doctors Without Borders and non-profit arts organizations like So You Think You Can Dance’s Dizzy Feet Foundation AND MORE.

Over $160,000 Raised and Five Schools Built

If you want to help maintain Abbie’s gift of unconditional giving, know that her spirit has inspired us to distribute donated funds to the most honorable organizations and the neediest of souls.

The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation is a California Nonprofit Corporation with IRS 501(c)3 application pending. Your donation is tax deductible. The Abbie Buktaw Memorial Foundation Tax ID is #46-3339705.

Photos of children and Cynthia Kersey, blackbard with the words, MOTTO: EDUCATION IS THE WORLD'S WEAPON

In the spirit of transparency, we will take a small percentage of all donations to manage and operate this fund.

  • If you are ready to make a difference in the lives of our community members and those who are in need on the planet… then give.
  • If you are feeling the need to return the gift in kind that you have received from Jennifer McLean, McLean MasterWorks, and/or Healing With The Masters, then give.
  • If you don’t know or trust where to donate and tithe, then give here and you have our promise that your gift will change lives.

A Word About Tithing

There are many treatises on tithing, and we have found that when you tithe (the rule of thumb is 10% –but our feeling is anything will do), you create space to in turn receive, “pressed down and overflowing.”

Tithing creates a law of opening that the giver receives. The law is there but the intention should always be one of service and giving (not getting). So if you are sensing that now, with this community is your time to give… then choose an amount that feels right and donate.

Below is a wonderful audio of a show we did with Cynthia Kersey about tithing. Listen to this wonderful audio to learn more and feel the energy of abundance, giving and receiving.

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We Appreciate You So Much!

We have so much gratitude for you, so if donating at this time is in the cards, then great. If it isn’t, that’s great, too. We trust the process, we trust you, so do what is in your heart at this time. And if it isn’t to give now, when the time comes, please revisit this page.

Much gratitude and love to you… YOU are fulfilling our mission of creating peace on this planet simply by being a part of this community and participating in our programs…

So Thank You!