Cynthia Kersey – Bonus Call – Recap

This was an incredibly powerful and moving call tonight on Healing With The Masters with our guest, Cynthia Kersey. The insights we received were so inspiring and offered us so many ways that we can enrich our lives now and live with passion!

Eleven years ago, Cynthia’s life was forever changed. She watched a 20-year marriage dissolve before her eyes, and she was deeply devastated. It was through this pain that she received the guidance to use it and find a greater purpose for herself. And what has shown up for her since is a life that she adores; a life filled with deeper purpose, greater vision, and increased love and compassion for humanity.

She found her greater purpose by giving to others who were in need of her gifts. Cynthia told us that when we work in harmony with the universal laws, life literally flows at an easier and smoother pace. And one of the best ways to get in the flow is by giving to ourselves first then to others. Taking care of our bodies and our spirit are the best ways to give to ourselves because if we’re riddled with dis-ease, we won’t be able to give to anyone else.

It was through giving that Cynthia also experienced greater prosperity… as a wonderful and unexpected reward for expanding her heart beyond herself. What she discovered is that she gave to others what was lacking in her life, and she received it back a thousand fold. What she discovered is that when she gave without attachment, there was increased joy, happiness, peace, and abundance in her life.

So, what exactly do we get in return when we give?

  • Greater health. As we care for others, our health improves exponentially.
  • Greater abundance and prosperity. As we give to others, the universe returns that gift in unmeasurable ways.
  • Greater vitality. As we give to others, we become invigorated which is good for us and our business.

Don’t have a lot of extra cash to part with? Well, giving isn’tjust about money. We can give our time; we can give by being more courteous on the road, or in the grocery store. The list is endless! When we’re inspired, we’re in spirit, and the miracles in our lives will increase. The key is to start where we are right now, and make it a spiritual practice.

Once we release the fear of lack, we open the door to allow ourselves to feel into a new and greater way of being. If everyone would give, we could lift 171 million people out of poverty… by creating the space that will allow them to receive the education that so many may take for granted.

Cynthia offered us some staggering numbers on where some of our money goes… $32 Billion on video games; $45+ Billion feeding our pets in (North America alone); $60+ Billion on weight loss products; and over $160 Billion dollars on skincare. Yet, it would take only $11-12 Billion to educate every child in the world…

Together, we can create a world where no one is left behind. Together… we can create a world where everyone co-creates the life of THEIR dreams… thanks to the gift of giving!

Cynthia has applied the law of giving and receiving in her life, and has brought such amazing joy and love to the most remote parts of the globe, and… NOW YOU CAN TOO. This special offer is designed to take you to the next levels of possibilities through some of the brightest minds on the planet – you will receive powerful millionaire mentoring. You receive WHILE also giving back — Cynthia has also created a venue for you to make a difference in the lives of thousands in need. I think this is one of the most powerful offers ever presented on Healing With The Masters… it accomplishes SOOO much, for you, and so many!

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