Replays of Q&A Calls

Q & A Call 1

Jarrad Hewett

Jarrad Hewitt
Jarrad Hewett came into this bonus Q&A workshop show and offered such brilliant insight into how to move into your empowerment within the freedom of safety and security. Overcome the internal struggle of stepping into your power and discover how to be fully whole, loving and serving yourself in order to more fully love and serve humanity.

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Q&A Call 2

Derek Rydall

Derek Rydall
Join Derek Rydall on this adventure into your new state of emergence. As Derek explains, there is a seed of infinite perfection already planted within your soul. Discover how to embrace your Divine identity and expand into all of the brilliance that was meant for you.

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You were brought onto this planet to do miracles… By embracing your power and learning how to REALLY use it, you’ll be taking off into your brilliance and living the abundant life of joy, peace, grace and ease that you deserve! Join Derek and permanently change your relationship with abundance (on EVERY level), right now!
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Call 3

Tom Paladino

Tom Paladino
Join Tom Paladino, a modern-day lightworker and scientific researcher, as he leads us to explore the power of scalar energy and all it has to offer humanity. Discover the ease with which we can disassemble and eliminate pathogens and infectus agents while bolstering our immune system through this truly remarkable technology.

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Tom has helped countless individuals take their physical health to the next level, enabling them to live more fully without the worry or distraction of pain and discomfort and now it’s your turn. Join him on this journey and play in the incredible power of Scalar Energy in your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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Q&A Call 4

Mark Waldman

Mark Waldman
Spend some empowering, focused time with Mark Waldman and discover simple tools and processes for shifting from stress and worry and into a state of heightened consciousness, vibrant health and profound peace.

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These next 58 days with Mark Waldman have the potential to totally transform your entire experience on this planet. You can learn to overcome every barrier you’ve ever faced and create a pathway to fulfilling your hopes, dreams and desires, join him now!

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Q&A Call 5

Hope Fitzgerald

Hope Fitzgerald
Allow Hope Fitzgerald, a dedicated seeker of truth and channel for a remakable energetic called the Infinity Wave, to lead you into more joy, peace, abundance and vibrant health. As she taps into each participant and offers insight for the collective community, we’re able to shift into clarity in all aspects of our lives and open to the universal potential that exists here for all of us.

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Join Hope Fitzgerald on this journey into the power of the Infinity Wave and prepare to discover the bustling power within your being. Through brand new content that is only available right here, Hope helps you welcome the paradigm of transformation you’ve been longing for.

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Q&A Call 6

Rikka Zimmerman

Rikka Zimmerman
Come play with Rikka Zimmerman as she leads us to surrender to Divinity – feeling into and being present for all of our life experiences. By being present to observe without judgement, accepting our experiences we can open up to everything that we already are. Allow all the light, love, Divinity, abundance, joy and infinite possibility that exists for you to fully move through your body, system and soul. Tune in and discover what it means to return home – to your place of Divine knowing and perfect universal embrace.

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Rikka Zimmerman, acclaimed international speaker, author and singer/songwriter, has created the most powerful and beautifully-structured program that will completely shift your perceptions of this world and help you express your true Divinity in just 7 Days.

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Q&A Call 7

Christopher Tims

Christopher Tims

Join Christopher Tims as we explore the realms of expansion and co-creative development. As he explains, we’re progressing through a worldwide bottleneck where the more desne energies are being cleansed and released as the higher vibrations and forces of light move into the foreground. Explore what’s in store for your life and world in this Aquarian age and play through this remarkably insightful call!

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Through nearly 16 hours of content, Christopher guides you to access and embrace your higher self – your master self – and live the miraculous life for which you were designed. Welcome your infinite greatness and embark on a journey into the heart and soul of you, today.

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Q&A Call 8

Carol Look

Carol Look

Allow Carol Look to lead you down the path to access. The points of dissonance in our lives are pushing and nudging us to do, be, and access more of ourselves. By exploring our self-imposed limitations, we discovered their benefit and reason for existing right now and grew through them with EFT.From safety and self-love to acceptance, guilt and the ultimate embrace of our miraculous selves, this call moves you to accept and release self-imposed limitation before taking off running into your brilliance.

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For the very first time, you’ll expand into Carol’s remarkable program, Accessing Divine Guidance to Move From Sabotage to Success, before transforming through her in-depth tapping series, Clearing Your Subconscious Blocks to Attracting Success and Abundance. You genuinely deserve all the beauty, wealth and success that is waiting to come into your life. Join Carol on this journey of release as you embrace the miraculous life you’re designed to live, while this limited, BRAND NEW offer lasts!

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Q&A Call 9

Special Call – Jennifer’s Birthday Gift to You!

Jennifer McLean

What an incredibly special way to celebrate my birthday…

This very powerful, joint Q&A and 14/14 Prayer Circle show delivered us to the ultimate state of living bliss.

Questions from our beautiful callers served as the catalysts for aligning us with the Divine love that we are while the life-force energy of the full moon paved the way to supreme expansion.

Traumas were dissected, unwindings of HUGE density occurred, and feelings and emotions were honored and embraced as we created the space to gracefully move into the next phase of our being’s journey.

These palpable healings established high-vibrational frequencies, which manifested powerful transformations and profound levels of love that poured over into our prayer circle, where we connected with our Divinity and acknowledged and embraced every aspect of self, thereby allowing our light to radiate through our being, onto our circumstances, and beckon back to us infused light of mastery, love, support, manifestation and miracles.

Our collective light of manifestation shined onto every single being on the planet, observing and lovingly allowing the journey of all souls just as they are. Illuminating the planet and its every kingdom with the universal light of oneness, which beamed onto the entire solar system and every planet, the deepest, widest field of love, compassion and elegance enveloped all.

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Q&A Call 10

William Linville

William Linville
Playing with William Linville on Wednesday’s live Q&A show was, quite literally, a BLAST.

He guided us through our personal journeys – all the way from the womb to birth and beyond – as we pre-paved and reclaimed our life stream. And what incredible, powerful shifts we are still feeling as a result.

William offered a tremendous energy of support and compassion for transformation and delivered an amazing quickening and unwinding that opened us up to everything.

We cleared mountains of judgment, resentment, shame, overwhelm, guilt, anger, depression, fear, doubt and anxiety and moved into an elevated, purifying space where we fully embodied and integrated our physicality.

Each caller helped us detach from density and expand into our exponential world, where we danced with everything until we awakened and felt right at home in our being.

Tap into these uncharted realms of clearing, purification and expansion by listening William’s high-vibrating Q&A replay HERE.

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His incredible video series, which has never, ever been released, will help you fully express your Divine magnificence as you activate, initiate, unfold and embrace every magnificent aspect of you.

Get in touch with your highest self, highest vibration and perfect creator consciousness and soar to a whole new level of manifestation and creation.

Take back your power and live as the creator of your own reality while effortlessly jumping back and forth from the mind to the heart and fully and fearlessly express all of your beautiful capacities.

Plus, his previously unreleased 5-module series helps you to release old resonant energies that have held you back and guide you to fully express YOU from the heart of your being.
Are you ready to discover all that you’re capable of creating and SO MUCH MORE?

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What a remarkable experience! Allow yourself to feel the resonances of love, embrace the actual sensations of consciousness and energy and watch as your life begins to effortlessly shift, right before your eyes. Discover how to inspire permanent solutions in your life, achieve a true understanding of your life and experiences and overcome the anxiety usually associated with making significant life decisions. Anamika leads you to trust the timing, discover how to let go and enter a new dimension of consciousness, starting TODAY.

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Step into a state of perfectly beautiful awareness and learn to really see yourself for the miraculous and powerful being that you are. Anamika has created these two heart-opening workshops to help you expand into the true brilliance you were designed for. Bring this BRAND NEW, never before released special content into your life and learn to live in bliss, peace and perfect abundance, today!

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Q&A Call 12

Dawn Clark

Dawn Clark
Dawn Clark, speaker, author & transformational change agent, as we explore fracture patterns composed of core fractures and discover how to more fully understand them while growing into stronger, more fulfilled and loving versions of ourselves. As Dawn shared, everything is energy vibrating at different speeds. So, you have the power to identify what’s going on in your physical and spiriual bodies and actually create the change you want to experience. Listen in and explore your potential to repair core fractures and live the vibrant health and wellbeing you desire.

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You are capable of repairing all aspects of your being, shaping the life you desire while activating the most potent aspects within your miraculous Self. Release and overcome all limitations, grow through the experience and transform density into lightness to live a life of abundance and triumph, today!

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Kenji Kumara

Kenji Kumara
In spite of social consciousness, you can be your own Divine destiny in this world. Explore the power of processes that have never been offered before as Kenji leads you into a state of focus, grounding and miraculous awareness. As you move into a place of stillness and calm, you’ll be prepared to discover all that you’re ready to receive. This space is not of the mind and exists to lead you into the expansion you’re ready for while collapsing and clearing all that’s holding you back, in the moment. This call not only shows you how to receive your next steps, it gives you the opportunity to act on them. Listen to the replay and begin your new journey, today!

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Welcome the gift of your direct connection to Spirit and experience unlimited possibility through this transformative Master Series Intensive. Kenji is leading you to unlock your dreams, expand into the Quantum, discover your true self, and embrace true inner peace, all through this never-before-released 11-attunement & 2-bonus collection. Join him on this adventure into the heart of your being and watch as difficulty fades away while ease and flow, come gracefully into your field.

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Clayton Nolte

Clayton Nolte’s Special Replays

Join us here for special replays of Clayton’s recent 3-night workshop with Jennifer McLean.

Day One

We had a BLAST playing with Clayton Nolte on part one of this thoroughly informative and harmonizing workshop.

His amazing energy and presence delivered a profoundly fun, enlightening and healing conversation, which established the perfect foundation for harnessing all the forthcoming life-changing possibilities found only in this program.

Clayton shared how to truly create the space of presence in which to hold ourselves and the resulting expansion shifted our reality into new perceptions and concepts that aligned us with our truth and activated the gateway to total transformation.

Day Two

We have been elevated to a brand new state of clarity.

Clayton’s beautiful, structured energy and unwavering pulse of support is a powerful catalyst that naturally aligned and connected everyone on the call with total congruency.

We absorbed even more information about the importance of a present state of mind and how our choice to be consciously aware allows the natural flow of all favorable things.

From neutralizing detrimental frequencies and enhancing our food to purifying our energy fields and eliminating bodily aches, we learned a TON about the power of structured water and its naturally miraculous ability to promote vibrant health, balance and harmony at the atomic level.

We are still marveling at all the fascinating information that delivered us into a brand new state of energetic wholeness. Make sure you listen to this powerful show.

Day Three

Clayton’s presence, in and of itself, radiated a palpable, brilliant energy of coherence that enabled us to better understand and tap into our own powers of presence, knowing and feeling to clearly sense what is and isn’t congruent with who we are.

We deeply resonated with his many profound concepts and teachings and learned a significant amount of information, including practical ways to instantly improve the quality our health, fulfill our purpose and take back our power, to understanding the root of environmental toxins, the effects of EMF, and how a simple turn of the body can eliminate toxins.

The messages on this show are extremely educational, inspirational, motivational, and life-changing on a planetary scale. And we played full-out in this multidimensional experience.

Catch this incredible call and get ready to cleanse your aura and create a global lightwave of purification that will extend to the masses.

And make sure you check out Clayton’s special offer. We are SO excited he collaborated with us for this one… YEAH.

Right now, you have access to the most powerful healing solution: transformative Water Structuring products. These tools have been proven by so many – even your very own Jennifer McLean – to offer a healing solution that is easily and effortlessly integrated into your daily routines.

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