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Morty Lefkoe – In Memoriam

The late Morty Lefkoe shares timeless, inspiring, detailed knowledge on how our beliefs determine the state of our reality and the profound impact we can have on our own life by changing them.

The news of his recent passing from Morty’s amazing wife Shelley:

“It is with a broken heart that I tell you that my beloved husband, friend, mentor, and great love has left us. He was ready to go and when he went to complete with his girls and me there was nothing to say that hadn’t been said. The girls said that there was never a day in their lives that they didn’t know that they were unconditionally loved and the same was true for me. There was not a day in 35 years where he did not tell me how much he loved me. And we him.”

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Emmanuel Dagher

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Colette Baron-Reid

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James van Praagh

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Replenish Your Soul, Purify Your Body ~ Clayton Nolte’s Replay

Yesterday’s bonus show with ingenious researcher, inventor and engineer, Clayton Nolte, introduced us to brand new, fascinating exercises and practices for bringing our body into the potential for restored perfection.

We learned a TON about the extraordinary resource and remedy that is structured water and its miraculous ability to enliven and enrich our food, neutralize toxins and the effects of EMF, purify our energy fields and rejuvenate us at the cellular level.

Clayton’s extensive studies and astonishing knowledge so vividly illustrated our natural power to instantly balance our physiological state and bring harmony to our environment.

Listen to this mesmerizing replay (enter the password healing), discover your powers to purify and destroy, and tap into the life-enhancing miracles of structured water AND breathing.

[BONUS: Click HERE to check out Clayton’s structured breathing techniques for improving your mental, emotional, psychological and physical states.]

If you’re ready to drink, breathe and shower in the energies of love, purity, balance and harmony, Clayton’s worked with us to conveniently bring you these healing qualities through structured water.

Click HERE to find out how you can purify your home AND your body, be a catalyst of coherence for your whole neighborhood, the wildlife, surrounding trees and plants, and experience more energy, better health, graceful aging and SO MUCH MORE.

With Whole-House Units, Under The Sink Units (for those who live in an apartment or condo) and Portable Structuring Units, we are SO excited to offer multiple options to accommodate your preference.

And, we’re making it easy for you… Because there are different types of pipes, there are different units to fit your home’s piping system.

Once you purchase, you’ll be directed to a link that explains which unit is right for your home and how to ensure proper installation. It’s simple!

Get Structured Water with ZERO to pay for 6 months

To support your commitment to your healing, we’ve partnered with PayPal to bring you the convenient option of gaining access to this phenomenal technology at NO COST to you today.

With PayPal’s Bill Me Later Credit option, you get complete and immediate access to the product(s) you wish to purchase AND you’ll have NO payments and NO interest for 6 months! Start structuring your body and home today!

(Also be sure to check out the frequently asked questions, which Clayton has addressed HERE.)

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Julie Renee – Conquer Diagnosis & Disease

Instant shifts, openings, clearings, releases, elevations and accelerations were felt by EVERYONE as Julie Renee blew us away with her discovery and proof of our body’s innate ability to heal AND regrow itself.

Compelling examples, in-depth information, potent processes and powerful teachings so clearly demonstrated the key to overcoming disease & diagnosis and regenerating our cells to grow younger.

Make sure you catch this replay (enter the password healing), bring a pen and paper, and prepare to move your body, mind and spirit from a reality of surviving to one of true and lasting thriving.

Turn Back The Biological Clock  ~ Julie Renee’s Special Offer:

This is the antidote your body has been waiting for…

If you’re ready to get back to your healthiest state, access 100% of your body’s functioning capacity, and thrive in every aspect of your life, Julie Renee’s innovative special offer has been proven to help THOUSANDS reverse the aging process and actually grow YOUNGER.

Click HERE to check out this powerful special offer, eliminate aches, pains, stiffness and tension, overcome exhaustion, dramatically improve vision, memory and mental clarity, activate youthful vitality in every cell of your body and even regrow organs that have been surgically removed!

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Jean Houston

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Guy Finley

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Epigenetics Week Expires at 5PM TODAY!

Our brand new Epigentics workshop series expires at 5PM California Time today...

HURRY and listen to this new lineup of master guests and experience the extraordinary life changes which THOUSANDS have described as, “a restoration of hope and tangible possibility for those who are suffering,” “a necessity for anyone … no matter the state of your health,” and “the total package for finding out who you are, knowing what’s best for you, and what’s truly possible — simply life-changing.”

This is also your LAST chance to receive a lifetime of personalized solutions for turning ON your good genes and turning OFF your bad genes to reverse AND prevent disease…

Be sure to check out our exclusive, HUGE 60% discount for ph360’s LIFETIME membership.

Then, join us TODAY at 4PM California Time for our live, interactive show with renowned spiritual entrepreneur, bestselling author, philanthropist, researcher and teacher, John Assaraf. 

YOU could get your own one-on-one session!

Here’s what you can STILL access through Epigenetics Week:

Day 1 Replay ~ Matt Riemann – Prevent & Reverse Disease:

Matt Riemann’s unparalleled wisdom, expertise and guidance brought a new understanding of the elaborate energetic system that is our physical body and we learned how to prevent AND reverse disease.

The inspiring and eye-opening knowledge we gained on this show laid the perfect foundation for achieveing optimal wellness and restoring our health for good.

Listen to this life-changing replay HERE (enter the password healing).

Day 2 Replay ~ Matt Riemann & Angie Johnsey – Healing Science of The Mind:

Angie Johnsey taught us how to harness the healing powers of the mind to not only transform our health, but have a positive impact on everyone and everything around us.

Her extensive research and findings enabled us to acknowledge, accept and love our individuality, instantly creating emotional strength and mental peace.

Listen to this powerful replay HERE (enter the password healing) and learn how re-patterning your thoughts has been scientifically proven to restore well-being.

Day 3 Replay ~ Matt Riemann & John Perkins – Nature’s Healing Remedies:

John Perkins’ captivating wisdom and picturesque examples amplified our capacity to see all of life as energy, enabling our environment to automatically empower and heal us.

By being aware of our interconnectedness and recognizing the spirit in EVERY thing, we become part of the revolution of conscious awakening, working in harmony with nature’s extraordinary power to completely change the trajectory of health on the planet.

Listen to this fascinating replay HERE (enter the password healing) and uncover an entirely new and refreshing way of being AND thriving.

Day 4 Replay ~ Matt Riemann & Tyler Tolman – Food’s Ancient Curing Secrets:

Tyler Tolman shared intriguing ancient philosophies, practices, treatments and techniques that completely changed our impression of food and our relationship with it.

We discovered how different foods influence different parts of the body and learned some simple steps for enhancing our meals and supporting food’s natural healing and energizing properties.

Listen to this wondrous replay HERE (enter the password healing) and prepare to re-write everything you know about nourishment.

Day 5 Replay ~ Matt Riemann & Cassandra Vieten – Conscious Transformation:

Cassandra Vieten brought tremendously profound insight on the type of healing that is available outside of the currently reigning paradigm of science and medicine.

From conscious intention and prayer to shamanic, energetic, metaphysical, mystical, and distant healing, these alternate methods of healing have been studied, researched and proven to influence our physiology, biometrics and energetic fields.

Listen to the replay for this beautiful finale HERE (enter the password healing) and learn how YOU have the natural power RIGHT NOW to transform your self and all beyond space and time.

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