Awakening into the Twelfth Insight with James Redfield

What an exciting and transformative time we had tonight with our first guest for Season 7 of Healing with the Masters, James Redfield. His words really captured what so many of us are experiencing, and it was wonderful to hear his insights on what’s happening in the world right now.

James said that it is a thrilling time to be alive and tuned in. We are entering a new deeper lived spiritual consciousness, and it’s by integrating this higher way into our daily lives with precise shifts that we then gain greater clarity.

He likened The Twelfth Insight to the Mayan’s Ninth Wave of Creation where we’re tuning into the unity consciousness on a massive scale. We were told that we’re at the hour of decision, and there’s a certain imperative as we move into a clearer consciousness, so that more individuals can move into it as well. In this space, we can reach out and solve a lot of the fear, anger, and alienation in the world. And destiny has been waiting for us to move into this new centeredness within ourselves.

So, how do we keep ease flowing during these seemingly challenging times? We’ve already learned that the non-spiritual approach in life is more difficult which, again, is why so many of us are going within. We intuitively know that life isn’t supposed to be hard, and we have a greater sense that there’s something better for us. We’ve come to recognize that one change of mind back to that of integrity and truth of who we are and what we’re doing with our lives is what creates more joy, happiness, inner peace, and love for us.

James told us that when we’re centered in life, it can then unfold. When we’re honorable and radically truthful to ourselves, we then become the example for others to be the same. This centeredness, honor, and truthfulness is what allows the wonderful spiritual things to happen to us… we are then able to receive more insights, guidance, and synchronicities.

When we allow ourselves to be guided, we then live out our soul’s dream of an easier life.

Being in integrity and truthful is admitting our secrets and bad habits, not just to ourselves, but openly to others too. When we share in this way, consciousness is transcended because we’re engaged in a conscious conversation with another. We’re choosing in that moment to tell the truth of who we are to someone else in a way that helps them. We also then become a synchronicity to them, and they can then pay it forward by being a synchronicity to someone else.

Within this awakening, The Twelfth Insight, we’re finding that it’s now easier to live a spiritual life, and actually have it work for us. Why? Because we’re growing into this new consciousness. We know that we can now live our daily lives in a new way, and this knowingness brings with it more divine assistance.

James talked about the importance of also tending to our body temples by eating more raw foods. Foods high in preservatives, sugar, and everything else dulls our minds, and lowers our energy. It’s hard to be aware if we’re dulled out.

We learned that being of service in the mindset is a daily spiritual practice. Even when faced with someone who may be insulting us, we are still given an opportunity to speak words of wisdom versus lashing out at them. In these moments, we find more loving ways to speak.

James said that the truth of the moment has no agenda, and that it’s wise for us to hold the intention of service without agenda, or attachment.

Living in the moment allows the guidance to be received.

The way we live is to dictate that all others do the same. What this means is by being centered in the truth, we know that we have greater influence on others. Thereby, encouraging them, through our centeredness, to be the same.

There is nothing more influential or contagious than higher consciousness.

The hour of decision is the awareness of clarity on how to live spiritually every day and what can be drawn into our lives when we’re clear.

This call is definitely one to listen to again as the words shared were profound and life-changing!

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