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Purifying Healing & Congruence with Clayton Nolte

I just love having Clayton on our series… His unique energy, amazing presence and captivating expertise made for a profoundly fun, enlightening and healing discussion that delivered us into a brand new state of energetic wholeness. From enhancing our food to purifying our energy fields and relieving physical ailments, we learned a TON about the […]

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An Incredibly Healing, Interactive Bonus Q&A With Jarrad Hewett

OH YEAH… What an incredibly healing, interactive, bonus Q&A call we shared with Jarrad on Friday… He kicked off this HUGE show by generously gifting us one of the products from his special offer and we were guided to immediately shift life in the most remarkable, immeasurable ways. [We’ve uploaded a completely mastered version of […]

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Instant Harmonic Alignment Replay with Mashhur Anam

Mashhur delivered BIG TIME on this one and we tapped into the miraculously supportive holographic energy of the stars and universe, which imbued us with newfound hope, power, trust and confidence. By detaching from expectation and judgment, we learned how to refine our unified matrix, which projects our reality, and connect to new morphic fields […]

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Mary A Hall’s Welcome Back to Love, REPLAY

This show was BEYOND POWERFUL as Mary held the template of possibility for reaching a new octave of loving wholeness and abundance. We created the space for serious progress across all areas of our lives and released the barriers preventing us from experiencing the many different levels of love that are always available to support […]

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A New Paradigm of Enlightenment with Anamika

Anamika articulates a new paradigm of love that is SO vital for living directly from our souls, we were guided to simultaneous discovery and creation of self, each other and ALL of us in this moment. Her palpable and potent transmissions allowed us to collapse suffering and clearly see and embrace our humanity and giftedness […]

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HOLY Unity – Christopher Tims’ Soul-Shifting Replay

Christopher took us on a mystical journey through the all-encompassing path of true enlightenment and creation energy. Through a series of newly exposed yet ancient teachings, sacred affirmations and beautiful processes, we learned how to consciously awaken and INSTANTLY unify with Source to embody the true nature of the creative mystic that we each are. […]

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Healing With The Masters 13.2 Summer Season Starts TOMORROW

Can you believe it?! In just 24 hours, we’ll be kicking off the new, summer season of Healing With The Masters 13.2 and I, Jennifer McLean, want you there when we start our new, LIVE series. Register NOW to reserve your seat for our most wondrous and powerful season yet… We are bringing back our […]

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How to Accomplish More in Less Time While Eliminating Stress and Worry

If I told you that there’s a way to worry less, do more, and have a peaceful partnership with your to-do list, you might think I was crazy. But the reality is, it’s completely possible and the secret is right here just waiting for you to jump onboard. You don’t have to buy anything, nor […]

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Moving Into Your Sacred Chamber

You have a place within you – a point of Divine opening that enables you to fully embody and express your true, unfiltered brilliance. It’s called the Sacred Chamber. We move within, into the Sacred Chamber – the center point of your Soul whenever possible, to gain the most crystal clear perspective on this life […]

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Jennifer McLean’s Miraculous, Divine Freedom Replay

What a thoroughly joyful experience. Guest Host Bob Doyle helped us set the stage to create the space of pure, divine freedom and we discussed how the root of freedom comes from absolute faith and trust and knowing that everything is here for us, guiding us to what’s next. Moving into this state of being […]

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