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Healing With The Masters 13.2 Summer Season Starts TOMORROW

Can you believe it?! In just 24 hours, we’ll be kicking off the new, summer season of Healing With The Masters 13.2 and I, Jennifer McLean, want you there when we start our new, LIVE series. Register NOW to reserve your seat for our most wondrous and powerful season yet… We are bringing back our […]

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How to Accomplish More in Less Time While Eliminating Stress and Worry

If I told you that there’s a way to worry less, do more, and have a peaceful partnership with your to-do list, you might think I was crazy. But the reality is, it’s completely possible and the secret is right here just waiting for you to jump onboard. You don’t have to buy anything, nor […]

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Moving Into Your Sacred Chamber

You have a place within you – a point of Divine opening that enables you to fully embody and express your true, unfiltered brilliance. It’s called the Sacred Chamber. We move within, into the Sacred Chamber – the center point of your Soul whenever possible, to gain the most crystal clear perspective on this life […]

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Jennifer McLean’s Miraculous, Divine Freedom Replay

What a thoroughly joyful experience. Guest Host Bob Doyle helped us set the stage to create the space of pure, divine freedom and we discussed how the root of freedom comes from absolute faith and trust and knowing that everything is here for us, guiding us to what’s next. Moving into this state of being […]

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Find Meaning and Direction With Dan Millman

If you are ready to move through your existence with more ease and a clearer understanding of what you are doing with your life, then LISTEN TO THIS SHOW! With so many people wondering why they’re here, or what they’re here to do, the information he shared on this call was perfectly timed and very […]

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Jean Houston’s Enlightening Interdependence Experience

What an honor it was to experience just a snippet of the expansive mind and heart of Dr. Jean Houston. The breadth and depth of this woman’s knowledge will astound you. Her unique gifts span a global consciousness imbued with relevant, cutting edge information, buoyed by a rich understanding of history, the human landscape, and […]

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Michael Bernard Beckwith is the founder and spiritual director of trans-denominational spiritual community Agape International Spiritual Center in Los Angeles, California, where he speaks to a congregation of more than 9,000 people weekly. He is the author of several critically-acclaimed books and a featured teacher in the film and book “The Secret.” Michael shares his […]

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This show was truly one of the most unique of Healing With The Masters. William Linville guided us to an energetically-coded conversation that moved us to really see, sense, and BE the “you particle” – the all that is – that we are. We actually got to move the particles of our bodies into balance […]

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A most wondrous, joyful loving and powerful call that will shift you into your heart of love and flow. Sonia guided us to the pathway of our creative force… To feeling and experiencing, and most importantly KNOWING that place of power and creativity within. Through several simple, playful exercises, she showed us how to easily […]

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Instant Healing & Clearing With Jonathan Goldman on HWTM

Jonathan showed us how to raise our vibration through sound. He took us on a powerful journey of the significance of sound in our lives and even showed us some simple self healing techniques that ANY of us can do for ourselves. We had some fun and did a set of three group sounds that […]

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