Attracting Abundance with Carol Look

I always have a blast whenever I get to hang out with the incredibly entertaining Carol Look. Every call with her is imbued with transformative energy, and Carol tapped into this energy before she dialed in today.

She said the vibration of abundance is always around us, and when we spend too much time in our left brain (intellectual), we stay in the space of missing out on universal gifts. We both noticed that a few folks listening to the show were annoyed that we hadn’t jumped right in to talking about how they can create more abundance in their lives. Carol said we should use these triggers to move forward to what we do want.

In her work, Carol helps us in making the choice to move forward. She helps us to get into the free space to choice a different feeling.

Abundance is a vibration of feeling, and it can easily be tapped in to when you learn how.

Spending just one hour each day feeling good will dramatically change our vibration. When we have too much on our plate, we move into self-sabotage mode. What we don’t realize is that creativity will blossom when we move away from thinking that abundance is only about money.

Creativity doesn’t happen when we’re stressed out. Mutlitasking also puts us in the space of not doing something fully. Nothing gets our undivided attention. She said that stillness/silence is the key to accessing higher vibrations. When we’re in fear, or feeling terrible, we can’t move forward. We won’t recognize the old patterns that are still running our lives, and we won’t move to the place of letting go.

Move one inch at a time, and your life will dramatically change.

Carol suggested that we create a list of 10 simple things that we love… start the list by saying, “I love it when…”. We need to raise our vibration one thought at a time. This little tool will prompt you to ask yourself, “What do I want to do for the next 60 seconds?” 60 seconds… that’s all it takes to shift! It’s really that easy!

If you’re not familiar with EFT, here’s a picture of the tapping points…

Click image to learn more!

EFT is tapping on certain acupressure points to release energetic blocks. Carol said that anything that triggers us is a tappable issue. Try playing the Thank you, Universe game. This powerful tool will help you see the contrast that’s been delivered to you for a reason. When you tap on the points with gratitude for having received the opportunity to shift, you also become grateful for the perfect solution to the issue that was brought to you. Raising our vibration changes our consciousness and what we attract into our lives.

Of course, you could be thinking, “Yeah, that’s all great, but I still don’t have any money.” You can’t get rich when you feel poor, and you can’t be thin when you feel fat. Carol said we shouldn’t focus on content, but focus on the vibration on how something makes us feel. Again, we should be grateful for the moments of peace that we do receive… even if those moments are only a few minutes a day.

I asked Carol about what people can do when they’re in moments of crisis. She said when we’re in crisis, we actually make bad decisions that will inevitably worsen an already bad situation. She said to get centered… take 5 minutes and tap the points or do your list to raise your vibration for the good things in your life. For example, you may be losing you house, but if you still have your health and the love and support of loved ones then things really aren’t that bad. It’s all about perspective.

Carol said that we all have the skills to move forward. When we’re in crisis, we oftentimes become selfish or self-centered. We stay focused on what’s happening “to” us, and we move away from what we can do to help someone else who could really use a kind word, or a helping hand. She told us to get out of yourself and do something good for someone else.

Do what you love and doors will fly open.

Don’t worry about if what you love doesn’t jive well with someone else. It’s really none of their business, and don’t let anyone talk you out of finding your own happiness. If you keep things complicated, you’ll only stay in your own way.

Here’s another exercise that we can do to help clear and release…

Carol suggested we take out bills, or anything else that’s triggering us, and look at it. She told us to measure the tension on our bodies with 10 being terrible. Now, tap! This is a powerful way to move away from the grip of what’s annoying us, and become can open to solutions.

Remember this when you’re tapping… don’t focus on the issue, but on the feeling it’s causing in your body.

Another fun exercise we can do that will offer dual benefits is a gratitude walk. Not only will you get some exercise, you’ll be out in the abundant energy of nature. While walking, notice all the things that you love… the green grass, blossoming flowers, playful squirrels, children playing, etc.. Carol also mentioned that it’s important to do this in the winter… you don’t want your happiness to only be based on Spring and Summer months. We need to experience nature in all its forms. A leafless tree is still majestic and powerful!

What some of us may not realize is that the vibration of yes feels different in our bodies then the vibration of no. Carol suggested we created a list of 10 non-ambivalent yes questions. For example, Do you love where you live?, Do you love your partner?, Do you love the color red?. Don’t write a question if your answer will be “Well, sometimes.” No, that won’t work. The answer has to be a resounding YES!

Keeping it simple brings success.

Pretend you have it… trust that it’s there… and it will show up!

Do you want to continue down the same path, or do you want something better?

Wow! Another fantastic call!

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